Release Notes (Changelog)


Application versions

How to find out current version of the application

The administrator can see the current running version of the application in: Settings → Configuration (former Settings) → Basic settings → Application version: 1.2.2-545.

The version tag is also present in the header of all pages (can be displayed by showing the page source code) in the meta tag with name Build, like: <meta name="Build" content="1.2.2-545 (2019-06-26 11:32:20)"/>.

Info about versioning

The version number is composed of three numbers separated by dot: X.Y.Z (ie. 1.28.5). Each number has the following meaning:

  • The last number (Z) is incremented during fixes or minor changes in already released production version (so called hotfix).
  • The middle number (Y) is incremented during release of new version with new features from development. (so called release).
  • The first number (X) is rarely incremented and is reserved for special occasions (major changes).