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User manual

The SOFiE (Safe Online File Exchange) application allows users to easily send files. Its main benefits compared to other file-sharing channels are:

  • Almost unlimited file size (as set by the administrator)

  • Simple and intuitive use on a web browser

  • Security checks to ensure that the files are safe (free of viruses, other unknown threats and content prohibited under company rules)

The following sections describe individual application features for users and explain how to use each one properly.

The documentation may vary for different versions of the application. Please make sure you are reading the correct version.

This documentation is for version 2.3+ (specifically 2.3.0, see the change log for a list of modifications). But differences among minor versions of 2.3.x are minimal.

Update of the documentation for version 2.3 is in progress. Therefore it is not yet fully up to date and parts still describe the older version 2.2.

After opening the basic URL of the application (e.g., one of two possible start screens is displayed:

The application administrator can change which of these start screens is displayed. The administrator can also disable the anonymous upload completely, so that anonymous users can upload a package only by reacting to a logged in user’s request.

After user log in, the User main menu is shown on the left and the list of user’s received packages is opened on the right.